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Company Profile

The firm, PT Principia Global Consulting (PGC) is the local professional services organisation drawing on the knowledge and experience. We build relationship with our clients by providing services based on high quality and integrity.
At PGC we have chosen three core values - Professional, Teamwork and Inovation as the basis of our corporate culture. These values define how we want to conduct ourself and our business, and help us to create value for our clients, our people and our organization.

About Us

The Firm, PT Principia Global Consulting (PGC) help our client solve complex business problems by combining the expertises, networks and talents of our members. We provide tax and advisory services for public and private clients, especially for : Advisory Service (Tax Ruling), Dispute Resolution (audit, objection and appeal), and Transfer Pricing Documentation

PATAR Simanjuntak (Senior Partner)

Gained MASTER DEGREE in Finance from Gajah Mada University. Long years of career with the Directirate General of Taxes (DGT) and had headed various sub-directories and tax offices within the DGT. The last position in the DGT was Head of Kebayoran Baru Satu Tax Office. Acting as the Head of Corporate Income Tax Sub Directorate, he has many experiences in designing and drafting tax rules and policies (ie. amandement of Income Taax Act No. 36/2008). He is specialist on : Dispute Resolution, Appeal and Tax Ruling

Sahata EDDY P.Situmorang (Partner)

Graduate of University of Indonesia, with a master in Tax Accounting. Has accumulated over nineteen years if Tax and Finance experience, six years worked with Indonesia's leading strategic advocacy Firm. He is a specialist on : Tax Advisory, Dispute Resolution, Appeeal, International Taxation and Tax Management.

HENING Tjiptadi Sudirdjo (Partner)

Graduate of Atma Jaya University. He has experience with KPMG and become Director in PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler; PT MNC Skyvision; PT Trikomsel Oke Tbk. Specialist on Corporate Finance Advisory.

TORANG Sitanggang (Partner)

Graduate of Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN) and gained a Master Degree in Tax Administration and Policy University of Indonesia. He has twenty years career at the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) and experienced in various position: (1) Tax Auditor in Tax Audit Office, (2) Head of Corporate Income Tax Sub Section, (3) Head of Tax Collection Procedures Section at Head Office, (4) Member of many adhoc groups in DGT and (5) Head of Verification and Consulting Section at Central Jakarta Medium Taxpayers Office and Foreign Investment Tax Office Four (last position before resigned from DGT and joined PGC consulting)
He also has experiences as a lecturer in Introduction to Taxation, Tax Management, and International Taxation at Tarumanagara University, Jakarta. He is a specialist on : Audit, Collection,Tax Management, International Taxation and Transfer Pricing.

Our Service

We Provide industry-focused tax, financial and business services for public and private clients. We use our network, experience and business understanding to build trust and create value for clients.

- Tax Services

We serve company and individual in getting consultation on Income Tax, Value Added Tax/Other Indirect Taxes. Regional Taxes. Our services include:

1. Advisory Services

Taxation is an integral part of the Companies' operations. Failure to comply with tax laws and regulations can lead to significant and costs. It is therefore important that the Companies comply with tax oblications.
Queries relating to any tax issues will be presented to by means of proper research of the prevalent rules and regulations, application of practical esperience/industry-specific knowledge, and also the utilization of the network within the Tax Office in cases where further interpretations are required. The areas covered by our advisory activities are:
  • Queries regarding general tax compliance matters;
  • Tax advisories to support client transactions such as mergers, acquisations, asset revaluations, corporate restructuring, financial instruments, etc;
  • Examining and calculating the tax payable to support clients in preparing financial statement;
  • Diagnostics review as a means to identify potential risks over tax exposures or tax planning conducted by clients;
  • Preparing tax due-diligence to support clients' sale/purchase of assets/shares
  • Obtaining specific rulings from the Indonesian Tax Office (ITO)
  • Providing other assistance which maybe required by the Companies
We can assist the Companies through the provision of our tax advisory services, which encompass the full range of tax advisory services as normally provided by an international firm.

2. Dispute Resolution (audit, objection and appeal)

The initiative to represent your position in a tax dispute is sustained throughout the dispute process, commencing with the receipt of the Audit Warrants, progressing through the various stages such aas: submission of datas, presentation of findings/arguments, rebuttals, issuance of tentative audit result, closing conference, and ending upon issuance of the Notice of Tax Assesments, Decision on Objection, and Decision on Appeals. Our involvement in such process comprises planning and representation. The different veneus of disputes are; tax audits, objection at the Regional Tax Office and appeal at the Tax Court.

Our services on Objection and Appeal include :
  • Preparation of the letters of objection and appeal and response letters, including detailed study of supporting documents and records.
  • Responding to specific requests for information, providing factual accounts or testimony about the work performed or assisting the client in analyzing the tax issues during the Objection Process and Tax Court process, including dealing with further questions, advice and communication with yourselves in order to seek a favorable resolution.
  • Attandance at appeal process, etc.

There is significant uncertainty regarding the outcome of an objection and appeal against amounts incorrectly assessed. We will advise you on the prospects for success base on our best knowledge and experience. Moreover, we will make every effort to provide advice and assistance to enable the company to present its case in the most effective way.

3. Transfer Pricing

Preparing Transfer Pricing Documentation studies

Evaluating related party transaction within grup and prepare documentation studies to present that the transfer pricing policies conducted by the company are comply with the arm's-length principle as set forth by Indonesian tax regulation, as well as the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines. Under Indonesia Transfer Pricing Resolution, the company's controlled transaction must be documented to demonstrate the implementation or arms length principle. Therefore, our scope of works in this service include:

  • Broad based analysis of the company profile, industry profile and economic circumstances.
  • Comparability analysis which include:
    • The characteristics of property or services,
    • The function, assets and risk analysis,
    • The contractual terms,
    • The economic circumstances, and
    • The business strategies
  • Selection of the most appropriate transfer pricing method
  • Review of internal comparables, if any, and determination of external comparables based on significant condition identified in comparability analysis
  • The application of transfer pricing method to the controlled transactions

Defending your company's transfer pricing policies

Service including: (i) developing economic analyses to defend arm's-length pricing strategies, (ii) benchmarking analysis, (iii) evaluating and critiquing transfer pricing methodologies and adjustments proposed by tax authority, (iv) recommending sounds audit defense approaches, and (v) providing to tax authority;

4. Tax Compliance Services

We empower our clients' internal financial team to prepare accurate and timely reports. We would serve the companies, with proactive advisories, toensure that the tax returns and reports submitted to the Tax Office by the company are in-line and comply with Indonesian Tax Laws and Regulations respectively. Providing the companies with updated informations on tax regulations and practices are also all inclusive in this kind of our service

5. Tax Management Planning

We will improve efficiency of tax to get the best alternative for legal tax saving, to ensure of obtaining tax restitution, set up taxation budget for the year after and avoid inefficiency due to tax penalties and fines. The goal should be to optimize tax payment by applying tax treatment properly, such as the selection of depreciation method;treatment of exchange rate disparity, capital gain, benefits in kind and tax treaty etc.

6. Non Dispute Liaison

It is a service of assisting the company in handling its tax administration issues such as the registration and revocation of Tax ID Number, centralixation of VAT admnistration, proposal for bookkeeping in foreign language and currency. Our assistance inculdes:
  • Exemption/reduction of monthly corporate tax installments;
  • Special-purpose tax clearances;
  • Fixed assets revaluation decree;
  • Merger at book value decree;
  • Ruling for a particular tax treatment/issue

- Corporate Finance Advisory

Providing strategic advice and services to both local and foreign corporations and investors. We advise our clients on matters of corporate strategy, merger, and acquisation, divestitures, restructuring and corporate finance. Our objective is to assist both the investors and corporation who are looking for mutually beneficial solution to achieve the corporation's full value. We specialize in finding a proper match so that all parties involved will be able to realize their respective goals from the transaction.

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